Rusty Our Persian Male Cat

Rusty’s 17th Birthday

I would like to introduce our loving cat, his name is Rusty, we got him when he was just 6 weeks old, we bought him from a breeder, she told us he was the last one to be sold, the last one in the group, which I found strange because he is adorable.

When he was a kitten he would always sleep with us in bed, on our pillows, he still sleeps with us some nights. and if wanted down, we would put him down so he would not have to jump. 

His Personality

He loves attention, loves to be held like a baby, loves to cuddle, be in your lap, Erica would hide her face with a blanket, and say Rusty come help me, help me Rusty, and he takes his paw and pull cover from her face, now he pets us when he wants attention, fed.

March, 3rd 2019

Our Rusty will be 17 years old on March 3rd, 2019, I still love him so very much, like the day we got him, probably more to be honest I have never met a more loving, sweet cat in my life