Loves Nature and Wildlife


Macro Photography

My Rose

Nature gives you time to concentrate on yourself. It helps you clear your thoughts and free it from anxiety. It can reboot your mind and refresh your core. Nature can give you a chance to relax and replenish yourself from worries and stress you may have. It will make you feel happier and satisfied.


I enjoy being outdoors, Getting out of the confines of indoors and breaking out into nature affords unlimited opportunities to create fun memories – from a family hike in the woods or mountain biking along a creek to spending a quality morning fishing or taking in the breathtaking sights of lakes here in Louisville, KY

Jumping Spider

Macro photography will give you that push. It’ll force you outside, make you start taking walks, breathing in that fresh air. Carefully observing the trees and flowers. Appreciating nature. it forces me to take a second, to stop, to think about the natural world that exists around us. To figure out how to communicate it through a single image.